Unchained’s Author Nancy Vericker LIVE on the Megyn Kelly TODAY Show

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The opioid crisis is one of the most significant societal and health care issues that the United States has ever known; it is an epidemic that cuts across society. Ruining some lives and taking other lives, opioid addiction is ripping through our country like a consuming blaze.

Joe and Nancy Vericker and their children were a close-knit family living in Scarsdale, NY. They spent a great deal of time together and pursued a variety of interests. Then the fabric of their lives began to unravel as they experienced an unexpected turn in their son JP’s life – he became an addict. The Veirckers tried everything to help, heal, and save their son, and eventually through the grace of forgiveness and truth, things turned around. Once homeless and hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol, JP is now eight years sober and co-founder of a substance abuse treatment program. His mother Nancy is a youth minister and spiritual director.  Once desperate for solutions, today they are using their experiences to help others.

In their new book “Unchained, Our Family’s Addiction Mess is our Message” from Clear Faith Publishing, JP and his mother Nancy lay out what tore them apart, and what brought them back together. It is a riveting account of one family’s descent into chaos and despair, followed by their ascent to healing and hope. Fresh from an interview on Megyn Kelly Today, Nancy is ready to hit the road promoting the important work of healing the addiction epidemic, one family at a time.

Watch “Unchained” Author Nancy Vericker Featured on the Megyn Kelly TODAY Show: