ABOUT Richard Braconi

Richard Braconi is a retired Undercover Narcotics Detective and Criminal Investigations Detective who served 27 years working for the Hamilton Township Police Department and with the Mercer County Prosecutors Office. During his professional career, Rich spent 10 of those years as a tactical member of the Emergency Response Team. Rich studied a unique form of Martial Arts called “Way of the Sphere” until reaching the rank of 7th degree Black Belt and Master Instructor. During a low point in his life in his mid 40’s, Rich searched for an alternative method to receive a wiser understanding to guide his life with. During his search, he self discovered a method on how to live and remain spiritually centered. Simply put, Rich discovered how to surrender sole ownership over his life and co-exist with a higher wisdom. This method has allowed Rich to receive a higher education about the importance of aligning his life with a communication that is based on unconditional love. As a result of living more spiritually centered a communication that is unique to only our spirit began to grow and prosper within him. Rich now has the ability to converse with many different sources of spiritual energy, including a higher wisdom and spirits of our loved ones. In addition, Rich has the ability to see medical imbalances within people, see future events and past lives. Rich emphasizes that all this is possible through the language of our spirit and should not be seen as special or unique. This is a universal language that everyone was created with but very few are educated about. Rich now shares his new profound insight during his very popular and growing Spiritual Workshops, Events and Galleries throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The purpose of Rich’s events is to provide an alternate perspective and education about the importance of living a more spiritually centered existence while enjoying a life that offers more loving experiences to learn from.

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