Heaven Is This World Clearly Seen – 2024 Calendar


Several years ago I was blessed to work alongside Ilia Delio at Sacred Heart Church in Camden, NJ in a delightful evening event entitled “Science and Art Shall Meet.” And now in this 2024 calendar, we are united once again in our shared belief that the Creative Beauty of Science and Art can indeed save the world and bring it faith, hope, and love as nothing else seems capable of doing. Record-breaking heat, violent storms, flash floods and landslides, forest fires and rising ocean levels and temperatures—all of these things, combined with our social, political, and religious divisions, can make fear and despair more prevalent for many people than hope and optimism.

And that is where Art, Science, and Human Creativity enter the picture. This calendar brings together the thoughts of three great minds from the world of science and theology with my visual interpretations of their words. Lectio Divina meets Visio Divina! Six of the quotes I have illuminated here are from Ilia’s book, Making All Things New; three are from the writings of the groundbreaking Jesuit priest-scientist-theologian, Teilhard de Chardin; and three from the prophetic Passionist priest-geologian, Thomas Berry.

May you recall throughout the entire year—every day in 2024—that Grace abounds and flows everywhere, linking us together as one human family. An entire cosmos of Divine Love is alive and well within each and every human heart.

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