Patrick J. Wenrick graduated with an M.Div. in Mission Specialization from Catholic Theological Union in 1982, and was ordained a priest in October of the same year.  Since that time he has been in various ministries within the Church, including being a Vocation Director and Assistant Pastor of two churches in NJ, as well as an Assistant Rector of a religious community.  In 1997 he graduated from LaSalle University with a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling and went to work first as a therapist and later as Program Director for a drug and alcohol outpatient facility in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. While Program Director he also taught World Religions as an adjunct faculty member at Bucks County Community College. In 1998 he also established his own clinical practice in New Jersey and was licensed in the state as a professional counselor.

In July 2003, Rev. Wenrick married his lovely wife Susan in Princeton, NJ, and together they moved to the Tampa area with their daughter, Allyson. He continues to witness marriages, perform baptisms, and to be available for visiting the sick and dying in hospitals and nursing homes.  A gifted preacher, Rev. Wenrick and his wife also continue to tend to the poor and needy of the community through donations of food and clothing, and by assisting with other needs. He has been a member of CITI Ministries and the International Council of Community Churches since 2004.

While in Tampa he has served as Director of an Allied Health Career School, and a tutorial program for licensed practical nurses who wish to become registered nurses.  He also has served as a chaplain with a hospice in Lakeland, FL.  He has given numerous workshops and talks on life-span development, spirituality, and bereavement issues.  He has weaved a healthy spiritual-psychological approach to the issues that confront contemporary society.

Website: Father Wenrick