EMMAUS MUSIC is a partner with and a division of Clear Faith Publishing, providing music and recordings for Christian worshipping communities. It features uniquely focused compositions by David Haas and others associated with the Emmaus Center for Music, Prayer and Ministry. (davidhaas.us). Its mission is to make simple, pastoral, assembly-based song-prayers accessible and available for the singing and praying Church.

In an effort to be environmentally conscious and in order to concentrate on the creation of music and those who make it, EMMAUS MUSIC will only make its music available as MP3 downloads and scores available as PDFs. It will not sell traditional CDs or octavos.  Everything is available and purchased online via the Clear Faith Publishing website (clearfaithpublishing.com).

EMMAUS MUSIC is a focused, ecumenical venture.It will feature both pieces that are liturgical in nature (assembly-based song-prayers for use at liturgical, sacramental, and other worship services and celebrations); but will also include other titles for catechetical environments and songs that serve to deepen Christian Spirituality, that in addition to use at communal liturgy, will also serve retreat gatherings and adult formation events.

EMMAUS MUSIC holds a unique and particular emphasis on ritual music, providing musical settings to help the Church to sing the liturgy and not just sing at the liturgy. Plans are in place to provide resources such as litanies, acclamations, dialogs, ostinato mantras, and other short song-prayers to serve and advance the ritual actions for specific sacramental celebrations and other gatherings (i.e. Anointing of the Sick, the Rite of Penance, various ritual moments and celebrations for the rites of Christian Initiation; weddings, funerals, etc.).

EMMAUS MUSIC launches its initial musical venture with a new song-prayer by David Haas (with text by Adam Tice), “We Will Hold on to You,” a song for the praying community of believers to reach out in solidarity, prayer and support for those experiencing tragic life-events and times of sadness and grief.By the summer of 2020, it hopes to have published 10-12 additional new titles by David and other composers.

EMMAUS MUSIC does not accept nor consider unsolicited manuscripts, recordings, or proposals. It is a smaller, focused endeavor concerned with providing the best quality music that serves its unique mission and purpose rather than flooding the market with more quantity. Its editorial team will be directed by David in consultation with other colleagues, pastoral musicians, and fellow composers.

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